Hello and welcome to simply & truly {home}!

My name is Adriane.  I am wife to David and mom to five children whose ages range from 18 to 7. 

Christmas 2015

Fourteen years ago I left my job as an elementary teacher to stay at home with my two little boys.  The move from career to home was supposed to be temporary, but three more children later and after beginning the homeschooling of our five kiddos…I am still at home with our family!

I’ve not always loved being at home full time, but I honestly can not imagine being any where else!

After blogging in various places for about ten years, I’ve decided to start simply & truly {home} for a few reasons:

  1. I need the motivation and inspiration to keep going as a stay at home mom, especially on the hard or days where all I can see is the mundane.
  2. Maybe someone else also needs the same motivation and inspiration that I’m needing.

I also believe that what I will be sharing can apply to all moms, not just stay at home moms.  I’ve been both a work outside the home mom and a stay at home mom.  Both lifestyles come with perks and struggles.  But overall, as moms, our goals are to love and care for our homes and families in the best ways we know how to do so.  So I’m writing this blog from a “mom” point of view, not a stay at home mom point of view.  I will share things that won’t apply to all people, but I will share some things that will probably apply to most.

What will you find here on simply & truly {home}?  The following posts will share with you my vision and hopes for this blog:

Home & Family


Garden & Hobbies

Frugal living & Finances

All of the other stuff



I also keep a family journal type blog at simply & truly so that I can share with family and friends back home in Louisiana.  You’re welcome to join us over there too!

I truly pray that this blog will be a blessing and a place of encouragement & inspiration for us moms as we strive to care for our homes and our families!