My Word and Goals for 2018

Commit your activities to the Lord and your plans will be established.  Proverbs 16:3

One day I had opened my Bible and this verse was in my daily reading.  I read it and moved on.  Then later as I opened a small prayer book, and an index card fell out into my lap.  The words on it?

Those very same words I had seen only minutes before.  And it was a card with the same words that I had written down years ago!

I knew then that God wanted me to pay attention.  When the verse showed up again a few days later, I knew for sure that God was saying “look here”!

So my word for 2018 is Commit.

I really wanted a fancy or fun word.  But I truly believe that God has led me to the word commit:  to be fixed on Him.  To commit to Him.  Every thing.  All of it.

So even though I’m writing goals to give me focus for the year, I am going to commit, to the best of my ability, all that I do to God.  For Him and about Him.  No matter what it is, it’s for Him.  These goals really were written with the intention of committing my heart, my marriage, my family, my time, etc to Him.

Some say that we shouldn’t share our goals.  I, for one, like to read goal posts for inspiration or maybe even for realization of something I didn’t think about.  But I also like to posts my goals for accountability.  If I put it out there what I’m planning to work towards for the year, then I am more likely to actually work towards these goals.

Personal Goals

  1. Read through the entire Bible in a year.  Keep a journal of gratitudes and prayers.
  2. Walk 365 miles as a form of exercise.

Relationship Goals

3.  Go on one date night a month with David.

4.  Go on one overnight getaway trip with David.

5.  Visit the Grand Canyon with our family.

6.  Take at least three day trips with the family.

Financial Goals

7.  Save money to buy a house and land.

8.  Continue to pay off debt.

9.  Have monthly budget meetings with David.

10.  Increase our income through supplemental jobs.

Gardening/Homesteading Goals

11.  Build raised beds for a kitchen garden

12.  Build a compost bin

13.  Create a cash crop garden at my parents’ house.

Hobby Goals

14.  Read 50+ books that are already on my Kindle or in my home library. Meaning, I need to read what I’ve got before I buy.

15.  Make items with my Cricut machine (to sell or not to sell?)

16.  Learn how to quilt and finish a quilt this year!


These goals might seem a bit lofty, but they will keep us focused through out the year!  Whew!  I’m excited typing all of this up!  I can’t wait to see how 2018 plays out!

Do you write goals for the new year?



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