A Peek at Our Weeks {#1}

Happy New Year to you all!  Here it is, nine days into 2018, and I’m finally getting around to welcoming in the new year on the blog!

We had a good Christmas here, and I’m going to back track a bit and share a few of the highlights from our holiday time.

Right about the time I shared my last post on December 17, the Christmas activities took off at lightning speed.  Here’s the short version:

A new tradition we started this year was a cooking day with Grammy.  When we lived in Colorado, my parents came to visit one Christmas and we did some cooking with my Mom (Grammy).  This year my Mom asked if we’d like to have a Christmas baking day with her, so we did!  It was great fun!  And it was a great time of memory making.

We had our cooking day at home to prepare for the weekend of Christmas festivities.  Those festivities started with a family get together with David’s family.  It was nice to have everyone together and we had a great time!

The next morning which was Christmas Eve, and Sunday, our two youngest children participated in a Christmas musical at church.

And then that evening, we had our family get together with my family which included food, gifts, fireworks, and a bonfire.

Then we returned home and finally(!!!) convinced people to go to bed so Santa Claus could stop by and deliver his packages.

Christmas morning looked a bit like this:

That afternoon we ate lunch with my family and then went to visit my Grandmother who was too sick to get out for Christmas.

Part of the girls’ Christmas gifts was a day of shopping in the city so we did that on the 26th.  But on the 27th, I crashed!  I was so tired!  So I took the day off and read a book.

Since then it has been a bit of a blur…closet cleaning and purging.  reading books.  hanging out with kids.  doing this and that.  cleaning the yard.  Just lots of this and that’s.

That brings us to today (yesterday…teehee), January 9.  We have started back to school and we are just enjoying the winter days here which have, for the most part, been cold – especially for us in the deep south where we don’t experience a lot of cold weather.

I hope your Christmas was great and that your new year has started off well!  I’ll be sharing more these next few days as we ease into 2018 here!

Thanks for reading!  See you soon!

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