Family Christmas Gifts and Traditions: Games

Every year our family gets a gift from Santa Claus.  This gift is something that the entire family can enjoy together.  One year we got a Wii.  Another year, the family received an iPod mini. There was also an old style Atari system given one year.

Most years we get a “bigger” type family game (and sometimes there is not a bigger gift…just depends on what the family needs/wants).  But every year Santa brings family games for the crew.  We love some games around here!

Family Game Nights

A few times a month, we strive to have a family night.  Some of these family nights are movie nights, and every once in a while, we go on an outing.  But at least once a month, we have a family game night.

Ringing in the New Year with Games

In addition, New Year’s Eve is normally a game night for us so we can stretch the night out with activities since we allow the kids to see in the new year at midnight.  We’ve been known to have Wii tournaments as we wait to ring in a new year.  In between playing games, we will shoot off some fireworks.  But having a plan for the night helps us to have fun all night long,  and it helps the night to not drag on forever!

A Few of Our Favorite Games

Recently we had a game night that our eleven year old daughter planned.  She came up with a plan for the food, the games, and a movie too.  Abby really wanted us to find two games for our game night:  Speak Out and Pie Face (These are not affiliate links.)

Y’all, I have never laughed as hard as I laughed with Speak Out.  Trying to talk with the mouth piece in your mouth or listening to someone else speak is hilarious!  I really did belly laugh most of the night.  I highly recommend Speak Out!

We also loved Pie Face.  And yes, we all got a pie in the face.  It was such a fun (and funny) night!

A few other games we love:

  • Life

  • Clue (Our kids LOVE Clue!  And they are good at it too.  I rarely win.)

  • Pictionary

A little tip for finding games at a good price (especially older games) – look at the thrift store or garage sales.  We bought our pictionary game at a thrift store for $4.  I know some games might be missing pieces if you buy them second hand.  Ours, fortunately, had all of the pieces.  But if it hadn’t, we would have been out only $4.  

Our Favorite Card Games

The kids love some card games too.  Some days they will pull out cards for something to do (because we don’t say the B word (bored) here. ha!).  They love Uno and they love SkipBo.  And they’ll play War until the cows come home.

(One of the kids snapped a picture of me trying to get my game face on so I wouldn’t laugh all the way through Speak Out with the thing in my mouth.  I figured since I was posting crazy pics of everyone else, it was only fair to include myself in it!)

But sometimes we need a fast paced game and we will play SPOONS! Spoons is fun, played with a regular deck of cards, and crazy competitive & fast paced.

It’s hard to explain spoons if you’re not in person, but I’ll give it a try:

  • You need a deck of cards, a table you can sit around, and one less spoon than the number of people you have playing.
  • Everyone sits around the table and the spoons are placed in the middle of the table.
  • The dealer deals everyone four cards.  Do not show the cards to each other.
  • The objective is to have four of a kind in your hand.
  • The person closest to the deck picks up a card.  Decides to keep it or pass it on.  If he or she keeps it, they must discard one card.
  • Remember, you want four of a kind in your hand.
  • The next person looks at the card.  Decides whether to keep or pass on.  Discards if keeping or pass the new card on.  The person closest to the deck keeps picking up a card and passing on.
  • This continues around the table in a very quick (and wild) manner.
  • When someone has four of a kind in his or her hand, they grab a spoon.
  • Everyone must then grab a spoon.  The person without a spoon is out.  Also one spoon is taken out of play each time a player is eliminated.  Play continues until one person is left.

Clear as mud?  If you were here, I’d show you because it’s hard for me to explain unless I show it!  Here are someone else’s directions.  They may be easier to understand.

(See why I had to get a game face on?  Because laughing with this in your mouth is not very comfortable.  Or conducive to winning!)

A Few New Games We May Add To Our Collection

I can’t believe we don’t have Monopoly yet.  But I think this may be the year we add it.

Since my kids enjoy the Jumanji movie, I think the game would be fun.  But Dave says do we want to open that can of worms (meaning do we want to play out the movie? ha!)

If you have any family games your family enjoys, please let me know!  I need some suggestions!

Family Game Night is a great way to spend time together as a family!  It is an activity that we all enjoy greatly in our family, and it helps reinforce those bonds that we want our children & family to have.


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