TBB Asks…Holiday Edition

I saw this on a few other blogs and thought it looked fun!  Linking up with The Blended Blog…Holiday Edition today:

Real or Fake Tree:::  I prefer real, but after a year of needles all over the floor, sweeping every day, and a dead tree by Christmas – we now do fake.

Favorite Christmas Cookie:::  My Mom makes these cookie press cookies that are light & buttery and use almond extract.  They are yum!  In a few weeks we’re having a baking with Grammy day, and I’m going to see if Mom will let me share the cookie recipe here on the blog.  Because they are so yum!!!

Home on Christmas Morning or Travel:::  We stay home.  Now that we are close to our parents’ houses, we can easily ride down the road to visit on Christmas day.  When we lived further away, my parents would come to our house on Christmas day.

Clear or Colored Lights:::  I like clear.  My kids like colored.  One year we did colored.  And the next we switched back to clear.  Momma likes clear. I let them decorate the tree and I get clear lights.  It’s our trade off.

Send Christmas Cards?:::  I love Christmas cards!  For years we didn’t send cards, but I’ve picked up the tradition again.  It’s a little harder now as our kids get older and are leaving home, but I’m going to keep at it as long as I can.

Favorite Christmas Present Received?:::  The gift of salvation through the birth of Jesus Christ.  Sunday school answer but truth.

Favorite Christmas Present Given?:::  I love giving gifts to my kids.  But I really love when we give the gifts that surprise them because they didn’t ask for it, but it is exactly what they wanted!

Stockings or No Stockings?:::  Definitely stockings. They are so fun to shop for.  (But golly, our older boys’ stockings are hard to shop for!)

Christmas PJs?:::  We do some sort of Christmas PJs around here.  We don’t usually match, and the guys normally have some sort of plaid PJ bottoms.  But we all get new Christmas PJs in our home!

Favorite Christmas Carol:::  If I had to pick one…yeesh, that’s hard.  Silent Night is a good one.  Also Angels We Have Heard on High.  So hard to pick just one!  Or two, for that matter!

Favorite Holiday Tradition:::  This one is also hard to choose just one.  One tradition I enjoy is how we pick special ornaments each year that are fitting for each person in our family.  It’s fun to look back each year and remember why a certain ornament was chosen for said person.

Early Shopper or Last Minute:::  Somewhere in between.  Rarely super early.  But never last minute.

Favorite Christmas Movie or Show:::  Elf with the kiddos.  The Holiday for David and me.

Favorite Holiday Beverage:::  Coffee with a seasonal flavoring or Peppermint tea.

Cookies and Milk for Santa?:::  Yes.  And carrots for the reindeer.

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