Weekend Links {Christmas homeschool fun, crafting, and an excellent blog}

I hope every one is having a great Saturday!  It’s the end of the day and I’ve finally been able to pull myself away from the busyness of today.  We cleaned the house, did some online Christmas shopping, and some CRAFTING!  Yay!  I received a Cricut machine last Christmas and I am really very much enjoying creating things with it!

I don’t have much today, but I wanted to jump on and share some links with you while I wait for a cake to finish baking.

Christmas Homeschooling Fun

Next week we will be scaling back our homeschool just a bit to include some fun Christmas activities.  We’ll continue on with Math, Reading, Grammar, and Journaling.  Then we will do some fun Christmas learning activities.

We’ll continue reading some of the books that I shared here.

I’m thinking about doing this Christmas Around the World Unit Study shared by Confessions of a Homeschooler.

We need to do some crafts and ornaments too.  Then the next week, we’ll be cooking!

An Excellent Blog

I am subscribed to Sheri Graham’s blog.  Every Saturday she sends out a newsletter chock full of good information.  Need some inspiration?  She’s a good one to read.


I have been bitten by the crafting bug!  I have been busy today making some decorations and working on gifts.  But right now I.  am.  so.  tired.

So with that, I want to share a few of my Pinterest boards:

Here’s my Crafting board.

My Christmas board with crafts, food, decor, etc.

My Cricut Explore Board.

I truly hope you all have a great weekend!  See you soon!


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