Ten on Ten(but really on eleven) {December 2017}

I started many years ago participating in ten on ten, a monthly challenge to take ten pictures on the tenth day of the beauty in your every day ordinary life.

This month I thought I’d do ten on ten again…and then I was sick on the tenth.  So I did it on eleventh, and now I’m posting on the fourteenth.  It’s just been one of those weeks!

So here are a few pictures of our ordinary day and some bits of beauty we found here and there.

The morning started early because I had an early morning doctor’s appointment in the city, which is quite a drive for us.  I love, love, love sitting in the early morning glow of the Christmas lights and enjoying the quiet of the season.

But you know my morning also included a bit of…

While we drove to the city, I worked on some Christmas planning.  Where’s the beauty in this?  Organization.  And eliminating stress. Or at least reducing it.  Sort of.

After the doctor visit and a trip to Hobby Lobby (love HL!), I had a lunch date with a very handsome man at Panera Bread (love PB!):   My hubs!  That turkey cranberry on flatbread (love it too) is divine!

While Christmas shopping, I could not remember to take one single picture!  But we made a stop at our favorite health store, and we grabbed some of these Complete Cookies on our way out.  It was yummy too!  And huge!  I may or may not have had the second half for breakfast the next day.

After a full day of shopping, we began the trip back home.

Upon walking into the house, I was greeted by dishes in the sink.  My little helper pitched in while Dave drove to get kiddos from the grandparents.

A clean kitchen.  Twinkling Christmas lights.  Pretty decor. #ChristmasCozy  #love

Ending the day the same way it began, enjoying the quiet and the Christmas lights.  Except some vanilla honey chamomile tea instead of coffee.

Then heading off to bed with our two kitties who like to snuggle. Or attack our feet while we read.


That’s my ten on ten (on eleven) for December 2017!

See you soon!

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