A Peek at Our Week {Of Elves, Cats, and Christmas Music}

Happy Sunday Evening!  It’s that time where I go back and look over our past week.  If you’ve visited my other blog where I’m sharing pictures for the December Photo Project, some of this may be old news to you.  But here’s a peek at our week:

Our elf, Jingle, came back this week.  For some reason, Jingle was very late to return this year.  But he finally showed up and he’s now up to his rascally ways.  I think he’s probably going to retire after this year.  The kids enjoy finding him every morning, but I’m pretty sure they all know what’s happening!  haha!

Speaking of crazy antics, have I mentioned that we have two kittens?  They are four month (or so) old sisters.  And boy, do they create some havoc!  They take ornaments off the trees and make messes.  They knock things off the table and knock things out of our hands.  They tangle up in our feet as we walk or chase my feet if I move them under the covers.  And they get right into the middle of everything.  For example:

We sure are enjoying having cats around again!

This past week we also went to Casting Crowns and For King and Country A Glorious Christmas concert.  It was wonderful!  Nothing like some Christmas music to get us all in the Christmas spirit.

Emma snapped a picture of David and me while we were eating supper before the concert. She said, “Awww, y’all are so cute!”

However, we’ve been fighting some viruses around here.  It seems no matter how much I wash my hands that I always get it too!  But that’s Mom life, I suppose.  I’ll keep on taking care of my kiddos even if it means I might get sick myself.  but #StayAwayGerms, we’re ready to feel better!

I hope you’re having a great Sunday night!  We’re preparing for Monday and another week of making memories…and getting ready for Christmas.  There’s so much to do still and only 15 days to do it!   Yikes!

Happy New Week and I’ll See you soon!


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