Homeschooling During the Holidays

This post is for the homeschooling Moms who are trying to survive the holidays.  Boy, I remember when I was a school teacher and it was holiday time.  It was so crazy!  The thing is, even though we homeschoolers are at home, it is still just as crazy!  There are still activities, crafts, long lists of things to do, parties, etc.  And there’s still school to complete!  Things can get a little hairy at times!

But there are some perks to being in charge of your school, and getting to decide your schedule is one of those perks.  During the holidays is the time to flex those I’m-in-charge muscles and make homeschooling fit your needs.

Here are some things I do, and some things I know other homeschooling Moms do:

Put book work aside for the month of December and focus on projects and service activities

I personally don’t do this one myself, but I know others who do.  This is probably easier to do if you started school very early in the summer or are year around homeschoolers. I would love to do a month of focus on all things Christmas with unit studies, but we start late in the school year and we need to keep up with our book work.  Instead of putting all book work aside, our family does the following:

Focus on the main core subjects and do Christmas projects and service activities

Currently, we are doing all of the main core subjects and we’ve pushed history aside for the month.  (But our Language Arts and Literature are history based so…technically, we’re still studying history.  We’re just focusing more on the literature relating to history.)  Then the weeks before and of Christmas, we will pare back even further and only do reading, math, and writing.  We mix into this schedule our Christmas readings and some Christmas projects.

The main idea here is to do what takes a burden off of your family during this time of year.  My children are older now so I can keep our holiday schooling schedule pretty close to our regular schedule.  But when they were little, I would pare down as much as I could during December in order to keep things as stress free as possible while keeping learning happening in our home.

Plan the month all at one time

During the Thanksgiving break, I planned the entire month of December school at one time.  I also made all copies and prepared their school binders at that time.  Other than shifting their paperwork around, this work has eliminated some of my homeschool mom work for this month.

One more thing I did was to make a quick, no frills plan for the kids so they will know what is expected each day. I typed out what was expected of them each day and included it in the front of their assignment binder.  My goal was to simplify this month in any way I could, and this one thing has done just that.  This is not our normal procedure for daily assignments but it’s working for this month.

Plan for some fun Christmas activities

Beginning next week, we will focus more on making ornaments and baking Christmas goodies.  We are reading our Jotham’s Journey.  Some other activities we usually enjoy during December are:



If it gets crazy, bake some goodies or grab a snack and read some books

My kids are feeling the Christmas spirit in abundance today, and it got a little crazy here!   So we baked some cookies and read some books.  A lot of learning happens from reading, and some times stopping the chaos & regrouping with a good book sets us all back on track again.  (It especially helps this Mom calm down when I’m feeling overwhelmed.)

Keep it simple

Christmas can be a joyful season.  It can also be a stressful one.  So as a homeschool Mom, I do what is needed to make this time of the year joyful and without stress.  There have even been years where we did very little of the Christmas activities.  And that’s okay.  A happy mom is much more important a stressed out one.  So do what is necessary to keep the season as stress free as possible!


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