May & June {In Review}

I’ve been reading a book on productivity and managing your day.  This quote caught my eye the other day:

Frequency makes starting easier.

Of course, when I read that sentence, I immediately thought of blogging.  Since my last post, I have been wanting to get back to this blog and write.  And yet, I haven’t.  Because when you take a break from something (even an unintentional break), you have to figure out how to start again.

So the moral of that passage I read on frequency is this – working every day on things (blogging) keeps your momentum going.

Here’s to gaining momentum!  Again.  {Wish I could put emojis in because I’d totally put the guy with the grimace face here!}

So what have we been up to since I last typed out a post on May 8?

I know we’ve had a birthday!  Our oldest daughter turned fourteen.  On her actual birthday, we took a trip to the city and did a little birthday shopping after a meal.

Before we left from the city to return home, we were hungry again.  (All of that shopping!)  So we grabbed some pizza of her choice which happens to be PaPa John’s.  Living in a small town kind of limits what types of food we get – pizza included – so when in the city, we eat what we can’t eat here!

We took the pizza to a park in the neighborhood where we once lived and had an impromptu picnic.  Until an unexpected thunderstorm ran us off, that is!

A few days later, we celebrated Emma’s birthday again a few days later with a swim at the state park and burgers with grandparents.  Emma requested this Chocolate Eclair Cake.  It is so incredibly easy and very yummy.  It is so yummy that David requested it for Father’s Day too.

You know we’ve been doing some work in the garden too.  The garden has been in full bloom and is keeping me on my toes.  I plan on posting this week and sharing more of what has been blooming in our garden this year!

We’d also like to introduce you to our new granddog.  Her name is Daisy, and our oldest son rescued her from the humane society.  She’s an extremely sweet girl, but she’s an extremely mischievous girl too!  She makes me laugh with her antics, but it will be a good thing when she is perhaps a little less mischievous.  Obviously our dog, Snowball, is not really that impressed with his new niece!

We also added some chickens to our family!  They need a separate blog post to officially introduce you to our new backyard chickens!

We celebrated Father’s Day and we celebrated our twenty-first anniversary.

Our twelfth year of homeschooling was wrapped up at the end of May.  Normally I take a break from thinking about or working on school for most of the month of June.  Now that it is July, it’s time to start planning for our thirteenth year of homeschooling!  (And I must confess, I actually did think about school and work on it during the month of June.  I never make it long without thinking about education around here.)

You know I’ve been reading all I can, and I’ve added a new work at home adventure into my life also.  In addition, I try to fit in a little crafting a few times a week. And then there’s the garden & house projects too.  I’m doing my best to see that Mom gets a little self-care during the summer by focusing on hobbies and projects that are hard to complete during the school year.

I hope to see you back here this week because I plan to share about the garden, what I’ve been reading, and a few more things too.  See you soon!

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