Week in the life {Thursday, April 27, 2017}

This past week, I have been documenting a week in our life.  You can read Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday here if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet.

This particular day was homeschool teacher appreciation day.  My family wanted to give me a day off from my normal duties, so my day started like this:

Wait.  It starts like that most days.  (Minus the dog.  He’s usually hanging out with the kids in the mornings.)

I remember those days of having to get up early to get to work (I was a school teacher and was usually at school around 7ish every day.)  And I remember the days of having to get kids to daycare and/or school.  It wasn’t easy, and mornings could be hectic no matter how well we had prepared for them.

I have to be honest here, I like our slow mornings.  That may change for us next year (more on that later), so for now I will linger in the mornings while I can.

The kids had a substitute teacher today for school, and they started it with some movement on GoNoodle on Youtube.  After all the wiggles were out, they settled in for a light school day.

Since the holidays (that would be Thanksgiving and Christmas, not Easter…), my workout schedule has gotten rather spotty.  I’m trying to be more mindful about moving, so I started my day with some 21 Day Fix Upper Body.  I always forget how much I love lifting weights until I’m actually in the middle of the workout.  It feels so good to use those muscles!

When I came out from exercising, Dave had school under control, and my kiddos gave me this for homeschool teacher appreciation day:

Some time after lunch, we decided that we wanted to get out and hike a few trails.  This was something we loved to do while living in Colorado.  So we took the kids to Hodge’s Gardens State Park, a local garden spot here which my husband and I have visited since were kids ourselves.  Our kids enjoyed walking the trails, viewing the flowers and gardens, and soaking in some sunshine.

We also checked out the tadpoles.  We were sad the waterfalls weren’t running in the park, but tadpole watching due to in active waterfalls made us a little less sad.

And 2 miles of hiking later, we headed over to my Mom and Dad’s house for a visit.  While there we ate supper with PawPaw and Grammy, and looked over our garden where we spotted some deer tracks and some missing green bean plant leaves.  We’re not sure what’s eating those because there aren’t any tracks around them.  The deer tracks were down by the corn, but so far, the corn was all accounted for.

And after that it was the same old stuff – making sure the chickens got into their house, taking showers, and preparing for tomorrow’s adventures before heading off to bed!

Tomorrow I plan on sharing the last installment of the week in the life challenge with a post about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  See you then!


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