Week in the life {Wednesday, April 26, 2017}

We’re three days into the week in the life, and I guess you probably can see that we don’t have a super, over the top exciting life.  Oh, it’s exciting to us (most of the time).  But it’s much more simple and calm right now.  It wasn’t always this way.  Once upon a time, we were so incredibly busy, and I was incredibly exhausted.  Anyway, life is as simple as it can be right now, despite having four children at home.  It has been our year of rest, I do believe.  After two cross country moves, we are finally feeling like it is time to get a little more “busy” now that we’ve caught our breath after all of the chaos that moving and change bring.

With that said…

Wednesday, April 26

You probably know how the day started:

On Wednesday I woke up so incredibly tired.  Dave headed out to care for chickens.  I texted with family and friends while drinking coffee.  Every morning my Dad and I text each other.  Some times it’s a lot of texting, and some times it’s just a little.  But I really enjoy our morning conversations.  Also during this past month, I have had a few friends who are experiencing some troubling life events.  We’re trying to keep in touch with each other and our prayer or physical needs & concerns.  This morning included messages pertaining to some of those situations.  I’m very thankful for my friends.  I don’t live close to my closest friends, but we are all still very connected.

I don’t know why, but the whole entire family was dragging this morning.  Maybe it was the gloominess outside.  Or maybe it was that we are ready for summer.  But we were dragging and our school day started later than normal.  (But finished on time, go figure.)

This is our school countdown.  You might think this is written as motivation for the kids.  Oh no, it’s written as motivation for me!  C’mon summer!

So we schooled.

And we ate lunch.  And read books.

We finished the science chapter on Fish.

On a normal day after school is completed, the kids work on various projects or we head out for whatever activities the day holds.  Our older son usually has some sort of outdoor project going.  Today that project was mowing our grass.  You know, to get rid of grass for the snakes to hide in.  Remember the snake from yesterday?  Yuck.

I had a teacher work afternoon where I graded and filed papers and planned a Louisiana unit for the next two weeks of school.

Then it was time to prep dinner for a little lemon rosemary roasted chicken.

Everyone kind of did their own things around here.  There was video making, computer games, tractor riding over to the grandparent’s house to park the tractor (just down the road)…lots of different things were going on while I worked on the blog.

And then all of a sudden there was this.

That’s one angry sky.  The sky darkened and became ugly quite quickly, but the weather didn’t get too bad outside.  Thankfully.

So we quickly ate that yummy chicken from earlier and the kids headed out the door to church.  The next few hours are a blur.  I actually wrote and published blog posts!  The kids returned from church.  We all just hung out for a while.  This is the time of day that I get to be “just a mom” and not “homeschool teacher mom”.  I enjoy just hanging out with our kids and talking about their lives & interests.

After all the kiddos were in bed, I got ready for bed myself and settled in with a face mask by LimeLight. I’m trying this all natural skin care and makeup line out because I’m thinking about signing up with the company.  This mask is called Skin Polish and contains lemon & jojoba beads.  It smelled so incredibly good!  I’ve loved all of the products I’ve tried with this company so far.  And they’re all natural!  After a bit of relaxing and reading, it was off to sleep for the adults in the house too.

That’s it for Wednesday!  Check back tomorrow for another special day in our home!


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