Week in the life {Tuesday, April 25, 2017}

This week as I try to get back into blogging, I am sharing a week in the life.  I originally saw the idea on Instagram shared by some other bloggers and thought it sounded fun.  Plus I figured it would help me focus a bit more on thinking about writing, taking pictures, and documenting our days again.

If you missed Monday’s a week in the life post, you can find it here.

On this particular morning, my husband had to leave home early for work, so he covered the chicken duty while I lingered in bed with my journal and book of thankfulness and coffee.

However, I missed my feathered friends, and I headed out to see how they were doing.  So Spot hopped up on my arm to greet me properly.  Such a silly chicken.

As the kids began to wake, I enjoyed a breakfast of avocado toast with an egg and tomatoes while I scratched out a to-do list.

Years ago I cooked a hot breakfast every morning for everyone.  However, it got to where no one was eating the food.  So now I have different options available for the kids and I make my own breakfast.  I always offer eggs if I’m making them for myself.  Some days they will eat them, but most days they don’t.

On this particular day, I need to head back over to the garden because parts didn’t get watered well the day before.  The two younger ones bring their school work and sit at the garden while I move the sprinkler and tutor them as needed.  The older two kids stayed home and did their school work.  (They are seventeen and almost fourteen so they are very independent with their studies.)

It was a beautiful day outside so we took a little walk through the property in between lessons.

When we got home, I stuck a few pizzas in the oven for the kids, and heated up red beans & rice for me.  I was worn out, so I sat myself down on the couch while we waited for pizzas.  My little buddy came to join me.

Lunch was late and my energy was non existent at this point, so I declared today a no formal science lesson day.  Every one took off to work on afternoon projects, and I sat right here on this little couch & chatted with my older son.  And I may have snoozed a little.  (I didn’t sleep well the night before so I needed a little rest.)

David returned home early on this particular day, so he & the guys headed out to do some bush hogging.  The girls stayed with me and they worked on making videos.  While all of that was going on, I tinkered here and there.

I made a marinade for the chicken. (Found this on Pinterest.  We love the steakhouse marinade!)

Folded clothes and watched some of the DVRed shows.

Got in some stair climbing since I missed a morning workout.

And chilled out with my girl while grilling chicken.



Then y’all, that’s when it happened…

I’ve lived in Louisiana for most of my life and have never had this happen.  But on this particular evening, I went out to close the chickens up in the coop and pull the trash to the curb.  That’s when…

I almost stepped on a snake!!!

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and heard a little sound.  I looked down to see a coiled snake beside my foot!  Oh my word!

I screamed and ran inside (screaming the whole entire way).  Later on I realized that I also had thrown a trash can down onto the snake.  Since I twisted my foot upon my escape and it was swelling, all I could think was that it had bitten me and I didn’t even realize it.  (Yes, very melodramatic.  And no puncture holes, so we’re all good.)  My over active imagination even had me thinking a snake was biting me on the head as I fell asleep that night.

I really, really hate snakes!

So after that my night was done.  I climbed into bed, ate some chocolate, read a book, and texted with family & friends about my snake escapades. (Who seemed to get a few good giggles out of my snake drama.  But were also thankful that I didn’t get bitten.) The snake absolutely did me in for the night.  Ugh, I so hate snakes!


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