Week in the life {Monday, April 24, 2017}

Hello!  It’s been quite some time since I’ve written, and a lot has happened over these few weeks.   I’ve wanted to jump back into blogging for a while now.  And when I saw others sharing their Week in the Life documentation, I thought it would be a good way to kick it all back off again!

This week I will be sharing a bit from every day through out one week of our life.  You know how I like day in the life posts!  Well, this is a day in the life on steroids!  I’m hoping it will help me to get back into the habit of blogging.  (Fingers crossed)  In addition, it will help document our days.

I’ll actually be posting this about two days behind the actual day.  I have found out posting on Mondays is not going to happen for me, so I missed posting that day.  And you’ll have to check in tomorrow to see why I didn’t post on Tuesday.  It’s because something slithered into my life that day, and I was a bit out of sorts that evening when it was time to write.  (hint hint)

I’m not going to post times on these like the originators of the week in the life challenge because I just can’t keep up with that very well!  And I’ll only be hitting a few things through out our days, and not sharing all of the details.

So let me start by saying  welcome back to my little blog, and here’s a little peek at a week in our life…

Monday, April 24

Mornings around here start with the birds…literally.  There’s nothing like chickens to get one up and moving in the mornings.  If I get up early enough, I grab a cup of coffee before I head outside, and then drink a second cup when I come back inside.  But if I sleep a little late, I wait for coffee after the chickens are cared for.  That does make me speed up the chicken care process on the days I’m running late.

I’m all about keeping daily school planning easy.  At some point during this school year, I started using the white board as the kids’ school plan central.  Then I lay their school work out in their spots on the table.  It’s very simple and no frills, but it’s working for us!

I get in a little breakfast and a quick cardio workout for me while the kids eat breakfast and begin independent work.

After today’s workout, I jumped straight into working individually with each child on his or her lessons.  I wish I could get up super early and get all of my workouts, showers, etc before the day begins.  But I just need sleep too much here lately.  As it is, I’m up around six and I can’t afford to lose any more sleep.  So in this season of life, we work with what we have.

We usually try to complete all of the core subjects before lunch.  Then everyone takes a break while I prepare for lunch.  On this day, I  needed to prepare both lunch and supper at the same time.

And my little buddy showed up to help me prep the red beans for supper.

As of January when my husband started a new job, he now works from home a few days a week.  So this was my view while I ate lunch.  The kids had eaten and were scattered about still engrossed in their activities.  I enjoyed being still and quiet for a few minutes.

During the day, I feel the need to get some outside time, so I slipped outside to give the chickens a few leftover treats before starting lessons again.  I have officially become the “treat lady”.

After lunch time is our time for doing subjects such as science, history, art, etc.  The younger crew are learning about fish.  This particular lesson was to design a fish as we learned about fish body design and defense.  “Can I draw a mermaid, Momma?”  My reply was, “As long as it has fish with it.”  And there you go.  Pretty artistic, in my opinion.

Finally after science, I got to hop into shower and put on a little makeup.  Dave, Grant, and I headed over to the garden, which is about ten miles from our house, to water the plants.  The younger three headed over to their grandparents’ house close to our home.  While we were out, we also made a stop at the grocery store for a few things.

Then when we got home, we unloaded groceries, picked up the younger kids, and ate some red beans and rice!  That was a good meal after a long busy day!

We cleaned up and I folded clothes (because that’s my TV time while the kids get ready for bed).  My littlest buddy watched House Hunters with me for a little while before he had to crawl in his bed.

After getting kids to bed, I sat down to read a bit before I zonked out for the night!

And that’s day one in our week in the life.  See you tomorrow with day two!

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