My Words for the New Year

I am a goal setter.  A list maker.  A to-do list crosser offer.

Do I finish everything on my list or do I achieve all of my goals?

Not really.

But for some reason, a list of goals and things to strive for give me focus.  I’m not a by the seat of my pants person (I sometimes wish that I were) and I need direction for my life & the day to day, or I will spin my wheels in one place & get nowhere.

(Though I do also have to watch that I don’t let my lists rule my life or make me stressed out. That’s been known to happen too.)

In addition to my list making loving self, I’m also a word girl.  I sure love me some words.  So picking a word or words to be the direction I take that year is quite a bit of fun for me.

For 2017, I have decided to use the words – Live Abundantly – to help define my goals & vision for the year.

The verse that led me to these words is from John 10:10 which reads like this (NASB version):

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

In this particular passage from the Bible, Jesus is sharing a parable of the Good Shepherd.  As he shares, He tells how He is the good shepherd and others before Him have been thieves & robbers.  We all know that a thief comes only with thoughts of himself and what he can steal.  The Good Shepherd, however, comes with thoughts of His sheep.  He wants the sheep to have a full life, and that is why He has laid down his life for us, His followers.

When I say live abundantly, I don’t mean that to say what kind of stuff can I buy this year, or even what else can I add to all of my stuff.

For me these words mean:

  • To live a healthy life so I can be present for my family {healthy home and mom}
  • To experience God’s world around me and learn more about God through what He has created {nature & travel}
  • To love others as fully & unconditionally as I can {family, friends & the world}
  • To works towards fulfilling the calling that God has given to me {my job as given to me by God}
  • To participate in activities that bring joy and fulfillment to my life {creating & self care}

In all honesty, the past few years have been a little tough on our family.  We have experienced the thief coming to steal, kill, and destroy.  We are all a little weathered and worn (though we have seen much improvement over the past few months).  We have decided that we will will push forward and strive towards the abundant and full life that Christ has given us.  No more will we leave a defeated life!  We will live abundantly!  Jesus Christ has come so that we might have life and have it abundantly!

This thought of living an abundant life is what I’m using to shape and write my goals, dreams, and visions for this new year.  This is a task I haven’t completed yet, and it will probably be an on going task throughout 2017.  I will share more on all of this as it unfolds over the year.

Have you chosen a word or words for the new year?  What about goals?  Do you write goals or wing it? I know people who are in both camps, and they thrive in the way that they are most comfortable. I love that there are both kinds of people in this world.  Keeps it interesting, don’t ya think?

PS.  The pictures included above are from our Christmas card family photo shoot.  We had about five minutes before we had to eat and head out to a Christmas Gala.  At the same time, we were losing sunlight and our oldest was just returning from picking up his girlfriend & needed to change.  However rushed we were, we got the bottom picture in about two shots.  I’m thankful for another year together as a family and another picture together.  As the kids grow and begin their lives on their own, it is getting a little bit more tricky to carve out family time. I will savor every moment as they come.   


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