Happy New Year! {And where I’ve been for six months}

Woah!  Has it really been six months since (or longer) since I’ve written here on the blog?  Why, yes – yes, it has.  There are a few reasons for the silence these past few months.  So many times I’ve wanted to sit here and dig into the blogging world again, and it just didn’t seem to happen.  But I figure the first day of 2017 is a good day to begin again.

So I guess I should start by saying Happy New Year!  May 2017 be a great year for us all!

And then I guess I should share our news…

Now when I said something like that to my mother-in-law not too long ago, she said, “So are y’all having a baby?”  (Because that’s how we have normally started those kind of big announcements.)

But no, no babies for us, unless we adopt or become foster parents…or have grandchildren.  Whichever one comes first.

Back to our home in Louisiana piney woods or The Big Woods

Our big news, and my reason for the quiet blog, is that we have left Colorado and returned to Louisiana.  We’ve actually been back in Louisiana since the end of July.  We returned in the middle of the hottest part of the Louisiana summer.  From Colorado.  Yep, it was a bit of an adjustment!

When people find out that we have moved away from Colorado and back to Louisiana, we often get asked:

Do you miss Colorado?  {Yes}

Has the heat been hard to adjust to again? {Mercy, yes}

I’ll bet your families are glad you are back home?  {Yes, they are.}

Are you crazy?  {Maybe}

But almost always, we get this one:

Why did you leave Colorado?

And our first answer is always, always, always – family.  We came home for family – both for them and for us.

Then there are the other answers that I’ll not expound on a whole lot for privacy reasons. One of which is that David left the company he has been with for 18 years.  That’s right, we are starting over again.  With a new job.  And we’re in our 40s. With five kids.  That’s a story to possibly share some time, for sure.

There is also the whole cost of living thing in Colorado that is hard to afford even on a decent income.  And when you decide to start over again career-wise, it means you pack up all of your belongings and trek back across the country and land where you can get back on your feet again.

I wish I could say we feel settled and at home.  We don’t, just yet.  Part of that is because our current housing is temporary.  In addition, we just aren’t sure if this is where we will put down our roots. And we know after having recently done this move thing, that it can take a little time to feel at home…and that’s apparently even so if you actually move back home.  We are so ready to feel settled, and we pray daily for God’s guidance as we search for a new house and place to grow as a family.

So now you know why I’ve not been around much.  However, I should be around a lot more now.  My mind has been wanting write some words here in this space for quite some time, and I’m planning to kick the new year off this week!  There are many things to talk about as we enter a new year, and as our family deals with a new life in our home state & the unknowns of the future ahead of us.  I hope you’ll join me as we begin the new year together!

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