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A colorful rainbow of dishes in the china hutch. (I didn’t even edit out the cookie crumbs beside the red mug. Such is the life of a mom…)

I love decorating with dishes!  It’s an easy way to add touches of visual “pizazz” to your home.  And you don’t have to stick to the kitchen when decorating with them either!

I collect Fiestaware in various colors.  Fiestaware may not seem like a prudent choice for decorating because it is somewhat pricey.  All of my Fiestaware dishes have been gifts to me.  And when I’m given money for a birthday or holiday, I will sometimes add a piece to my collection.  I’ve heard that Fiestaware also shows up in antique and flea markets for cheaper prices.  Personally, I’ve not found any yet, but if I do, I will probably buy a piece or two.

While thrift shopping, I look for white or solid-colored dishes or dishes with interesting patterns, shapes, or prints. The red toile style dishes were bought at Marshalls. I love to use these dishes to decorate the walls.

Thrift shopping is also a good place to find dishes for decorating.  I usually look for solid colored dishes, white dishes, or dishes with interesting edges, shapes, and/or patterns.  Currently, I’m looking for plates to use for a plate wall in the living room.  Since I’m wanting a collection of all white plates for the living room, I’m thinking of painting the dishes with white spray paint to make them look like milk glass!

A Fiestaware coffee cup rainbow in our kitchen. The two larger mugs were our “free” gifts for buying groceries at Albertson’s during a recent promotion.

Recently, we received free dishes from the grocery store!  Ok, so they weren’t really free because you had to buy groceries in order to be given “free dishes” stickers.  Since we were buying groceries there anyway, we decided to save up our stickers.  We were given 8 free Rachel Ray dishes!

With the exception of the dishes on the wall, most of our dishes are used daily.  One of my goals is to paint our China cabinet and display all of our daily dishes in that.  I would also love some open shelving in the kitchen to display our colorful dishes.  Decorating with dishes is an easy way to add a pop of color to your home!

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